Podiatrist Dr. Candice Kennedy, MS, DPM, volunteers her time to improve the lives and health of We Care patients.

“Dr. Kennedy is the example of a dedicated We Care volunteer who opens her heart to underserved patients by doing what is necessary to restore their health. She is kind, compassionate and passionate about helping others,” said Sue Nussbaum, M.D., MBA, Executive Director of We Care Jacksonville.

We Care thanks Dr. Kennedy and the staff of Total Foot Care & Wellness Clinic for improving access to medical care for everyone in our community.

Dr. Kennedy talks about podiatry and why she volunteers to treat We Care patients.

Dr. Gary Bower, M.D., accepts the 2017 George S. Trotter, MD, Founder’s Award from We Care Executive Director, Sue Nussbaum, M.D.

Dr. Bower served as We Care’s first Medical Director and as a member of the Board of Directors until 2005. He continued to treat We Care patients until his retirement.

During his tenure he helped We Care grow and provide access to more people.

Toni Peters was overwhelmed.

She was sick. The mound of pills she took every morning to make her feel better actually made her lightheaded.

And, the 80-year-old mobile home she owned was falling apart.

As she sat on her front porch deck recently, she remembered the time just before last Christmas when, as she puts it, “I kind of gave up for a minute there.”

That is until her We Care Jacksonville “Guardian Angels” arrived.

Meet Toni Peters

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