Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness Program

The Beaches Project is a collaboration between Baptist Beaches Hospital, The Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM), I.M. Sulzbacher Beaches, Mission House and WeCareJax. The purpose of this collaboration is to have a WeCareJax RN/Case Manager review and manage uninsured, high utilizers of the emergency room and hospital in order to facilitate their care and arrange for their needs upon discharge. Uninsured patients being discharged from Baptist Hospital – Beaches will be referred to one of the free area clinics, either Sulzbacher or Mission House to establish a medical home for primary care. BEAM services are available for the patient to access financial assistance, food, help with transportation, or other emergency needs. The WeCareJax RN/Case Manager continues to see the patient following discharge in order to manage compliance with medicine and for help in keeping follow-up appointments. If the primary care clinic determines the need for specialty care, WeCareJax refers the patient to the appropriate medical specialist.

In addition, the WeCareJax RN/Case Manager also sees patients with chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, among others and educates patients in diet, exercise, and wound care as well as other tasks as needed.

Community Health Worker

As part of our Health & Wellness program, individuals can receive and benefit from regular visits with our Community Health Worker (CHW). With the help of our CHW, patients are able to get assistance with various wraparound services and further address their barriers to obtaining better health. This service provides a unique and more personalized way of addressing the needs of those we serve outside of the clinical setting.