Care Coordination

About Care Coordination

At WeCareJax, our dedicated Patient Services Team provides support to patients who are referred for specialty care from one of our partner primary care clinics. Through involved care coordination, referrals are quickly reviewed and processed, patient appointments are scheduled, clear communication takes place and enables patients to be well-informed of their treatment plans, and emotional and social needs are addressed.   


Care coordination takes place in person, over the phone, and through text or email. Our devoted team goes above and beyond to ensure that every single individual contacted, scheduled, and treated is met with compassion.


Our Patient Care Coordinators

  • Secure and schedule appointments for advanced diagnostics and specialty care
  • Maintain positive relationships with specialty care providers
  • Coordinate patient access to social, economic, and logistical needs 
  • Advise patients about what to expect during appointments
  • Keep up-to-date patient information, diagnosis, procedures, appointments, and changes in our electronic medical records system
  • Document necessary information in progress notes for a complete medical record of services
  • Work with patients to ensure that any bills sent in error to the patient or their family are resolved quickly and efficiently