Patient Success Story – Robert

Robert is a native of Atlantic Beach and has grown accustomed to the ebbs and flows of the beaches community in the 48 years he has resided in it. He has seen business come and go, the influx of residents, and even the impact of the infiltration of drugs into beloved neighborhoods. However, despite his vast knowledge of the history of his community, he did not become fully aware of the services provided through WeCareJax until roughly three years ago after being hospitalized and subsequently having his toe amputated due to a diabetes complication.

While he was in the hospital, Robert was visited by WeCare’s Nurse and Health and Wellness Program Director, Tina. Since then, Robert has become more informed about his health and has made a variety of lifestyle changes. As he reflects on the services he has received thus far, he expresses that “Every question I’ve had, [WeCare has] answered it. The services have been excellent. [WeCare] helped me out in ways I didn’t know [they] could.”

With each visit and phone call, Robert has found comfort and encouragement. Not to mention, an increased feeling of control and understanding when it comes to managing his diabetes.

In addition to care for his physical health, Robert has also received health education, food, and financial assistance through BEAM, something that is not uncommon for many Beaches patients. Through WeCare’s relationships with clinics and community resources like BEAM, it is easy to see the holistic impact patient-centered care can have.  

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