Patient Story | Meet Mary

Mary Jarhee

Mary is a woman of few words whose strength and experiences are given life through her piercing eyes. As a mother of twelve children (seven of whom are still living), gardener, and occasional goods seller, she has overcome a great deal in her lifetime.


Mama and Papa Jarhee, as they are affectionately called, traveled to Jacksonville last summer from their home, Liberia, to live with their faithful daughter. Upon their arrival, it was discovered that the beloved Mary had cervical cancer and needed immediate treatment. Thankfully, the family was given WeCare’s information from a hospital social worker and from there, everything else fell into place. The Jarhee family was visited by both WeCare’s Executive Director and Director of Patient Relations, who jointly expressed their dedication to helping Mama get the treatment that she needed.


After many appointments, several rounds of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries, the Jarhee Family’s beloved mother is now in remission. Though she still has a few final procedures to take care of and an appetite to regain, Mary is now able to frequently visit one of her favorite places – Jacksonville Beach.

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