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Beaches Health and Wellness Program

We Care Jacksonville and Beaches wellness Teams

Beaches Health and Wellness Program is honored with Collective Impact Award by Nonprofit Center of NE Florida. John Hirabayashi, CEO, Community First Credit Union leading the ceremony and Susan Towler, Florida Blue, gave the award. Collaborators are We Care Jacksonville, … Continued

Tina Crooks

Tina Crooks, RN, is We Care Jacksonville’s case manager. As the case manager, she is responsible for taking in uninsured and homeless patients, mainly those with diabetes, hypertension, behavioral disorders, and/or blood clot problems. Not only does she take patients in and help them recover, she teaches them about their illness, welcomes them into her We Care office or another clinic, and makes sure that her patients have medication. She even goes as far as making “dumpster rounds” in the beaches area, looks for her patients, and delivers them the medication they need.

From Homeless to Hopeful

Everyone has a story, it just takes someone to listen to that story and hopefully be able to help them out. One story that sticks out to We Care’s case manager Tina Crooks is one of a single father from out of state. A sandblaster by trade, he lost work in his hometown, ended up selling his car, gave the money to his parents, and left his children with them. With a job waiting in Jacksonville, he hitchhiked his all the way here.

Doctor Urges Patients to be Wary of Resellers of Diabetes Test Strips

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It may be OK to buy certain items pre-owned, such as clothes and cars, but during National Diabetes Awareness Month, a doctor is warning patients about purchasing diabetes test strips that may have been previously used or expired.

Jennifer Trednick first learned she had type 1 diabetes when she was young. “At the age of 13,” she said. For all these years, she has to check her blood sugar level. She does this eight times per day.

We Care Celebrates 20 Years of Service

The We Care Jacksonville Health Network is completing its 20th year providing free care to Jacksonville residents who are uninsured. In 2012, the value of the care donated totaled more than $16 million!

Twenty years ago a small group of physicians met to tackle a community crisis. Too many of our poor citizens without health insurance were suffering from preventable diseases and coming to our emergency rooms where care was too late or too expensive.