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Patient Success Story – Robert

Robert is a native of Atlantic Beach and has grown accustomed to the ebbs and flows of the beaches community in the 48 years he has resided in it. He has seen business come and go, the influx of residents, … Continued

Patient Success Story – James

Meet 65-year-old WeCareJax patient, James. You would never guess by looking at him, but James is an ex-convict, released from prison in late 2017 after serving a 19-month sentence. This was an experience that he has not only learned from … Continued

Patient Success Story | Rickey Roberson

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Rickey Roberson is a staunch Raiders fan, former youth baseball coach, family man, and now a cancer survivor. Sitting down with Rickey, it quickly becomes apparent that the two topics that create a sense of passion in him are sports … Continued